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Letter: A celebration of beautiful you

Hello on this beautiful day of life. I share these words that I recently pulled together from my heart to yours hoping and wishing for you to find your authentic truth and live your wildest dreams in the new year.

In the exquisiteness of humanity,

Why do leap into each day,

Who are you my dear friend,

What makes your souls sing,

When did you know your truth,

Where does your light shine,

I love you,

Standing defenseless,

Heart walls broken open

Your souls light shining bright,

What is your life’s unwritten story,

How do you dance in your freedom,

Are your boundaries gone,

Where will your journey take you,

Will you empower and inspire us,

We are dreaming with you,

What you were born to be awaits you,

I celebrate your awakening,

What is your deepest desire,

Every possibility could be your reality,

You are an incredible miracle,

Your untapped power is limitless,

Do the stars and dreams seduce you,

Your vision of love is our epiphany,

Are you being your truthful you,

In light and darkness I embrace you,

What do you expect from your life,

We need you to be in your truth,

Authentic in lucid illusion,

Your beauty is a perfect reality,

Fearlessly, fabulously and unapologetically,

Realize, embrace and be your truth,

With open eyes and a vulnerable heart,

Feel the truth of human experience,

Never resist or fear the darkness,

In the strength of your light love shines,

You are an enlightened being,

Ever present, pure, infinite love,

I clearly see your beauty and perfection,

Now is your time to be love,

Seek to be in and share loves light,

Be exquisite in living your life story,

I am, you are, we are, one love.

Shaine Ebrahimi