Letter: A blatant disregard by the art museum

The recent explosion done on Aspen Mountain by Cai Cuo-Qiang was not art. It was simply an overt disregard and disrespect for Aspen’s environment, wildlife and community. The outrageously expensive escapade achieved no enlightened, elevated or artful state of human interaction or intellect.

It was, however, just another egregious desecration of Aspen’s environment. Did you notice the wildlife dart across the face of Aspen Mountain in utter and complete frenzied terror? Did anybody notice the fleet of black Suburbans, half-dozen trucks and massive trailers that traveled to and fro on the mountain to stage this bombastic farce? Did your dog tremble in fear from a sound so foreign to nature that it can only mean danger? Did the eyes of your young children widen and tear in panic when the violent blast caught them off guard?

The authoritative message of Cai Cuo-Qiang and the Aspen Art Museum has been received — you can keep the damn parking spaces (like we have a choice). The piercing aural stab spoke resoundingly for your complete disdain of the all-too-short healing respite that our summers at one time afforded to the surroundings of the Aspen Valley and its residents. We are all pulling your thumbs from our eyes and washing the bad taste of Mick Ireland’s betrayal from our mouths. We plead and beg of you, please know we get it, you are here. But now that your exploitation of your bedfellows is complete, and they have built for you a gilded cage, for the love of Aspen, please keep your “aspenidiocity” inside it!

Monique van Suchtelen


Letter to the Editor