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Letter: A beauty of a play

People often tell me, “You always write a letter to the paper about the Aspen Community Theatre play.” Well, yes. And how could I not? Every year, the Aspen Community Theatre offers a unique gift to the community — one that no other entity can or does give. Hundreds of locals participate, contributing an enormous labor of love for the enjoyment and benefit of their community. Win-win.

Once again, they raised the bar this year. “Beauty and the Beast” hit the ball so far out of the park that it might never be found. From the sets (unbelievable!) to the costumes (incredible!) to the acting, directing, props, marketing, lighting and sound, everyone gave his or her very best. And what a production it was! The list of names to thank is long. Very, very long. There’s been a great accumulation of names down through the years, and each one deserves our gratitude for countless hours offered that take us to magical places for just a few of ours. Each year, many of the same names grace that list, and, on behalf of the community, we express our thanks to you.

The thing this year that was so amazing (in addition to everything else) is where the play took us. Of course, we adored graceful, beautiful and courageous yet sweet Belle. We loved to hate Gaston. We felt for Belle’s dad, and we fell for the teapot, the wardrobe, the clock and the candle holder. But above all, we fell in love with the mensch that was hidden in the Beast. The acting was real enough to make all of that happen. And all of that renders this year’s production a smashing success.

Thanks to all of you for all you gave. It was gratefully, happily, admiringly received. Can’t wait to see the gift you give the community in 2016!

Nancy and Wolf Gensch

Snowmass Village

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