Letter: A bad idea

Bert wants to “Keep City Hall, City Hall.” I think that’s a mind-boggingly bad idea that is not in the best interest of Aspen and shows an incredible amount of disrespect to those who have lived here for generations. But what the heck, go ahead, stuff more insulation in that thing. Good luck shoveling snow off where the new roof meets the old.

Go ahead, keep it, but give me my Performing Arts Center on the Rio Grande property. The majority voted for it — resoundingly more than 2 to 1 — in 1982. We never built it. If you take away a privately funded and endowed Community Center at the Armory, I want the Performing Arts Center I was promised and I want it now. After all, you’re wasting $9 million in taxpayer money to retrofit a City Hall for little or no public benefit. Why not spend another $50 to 70 million to build a Performing Arts Center on the Rio Grande? It’s just money, and time and goodwill — let’s waste some more. That’s the way to keep Aspen, Aspen.

Ziska Childs