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Let’s try this again with Werner Kuster

Our attempt to get a count of people who would like to celebrate Werner Kuster’s life (in Aspen the end of August) failed badly, so we are going to start over.

Skip Bell is sending out an email, I posted this notice again on Facebook and this letter to The Aspen Times. We are asking that anyone who wants to come to send me only one email (in case they saw this notice in more than one location) to stuffaz9272@comcast.net, and just list your name and the number of people coming.

A number of people just “liked” the Facebook posting, so we not sure of their attendance or number. Thanks to the people who have already emailed me their count; you are already counted and don’t need to do it again. After we get an accurate count we will post the date, time and venue in The Aspen Times and on Facebook around the first week in August.

I hope it will work this time so we can start the arrangements.

Tom Iacono

Tucson, Arizona