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Let’s support our first responders, health care workers

Around the world people are coming out onto the street or hanging out their windows to send gratitude to the brave, and committed health care workers, first responders and everyone on the front line battling the pandemic. They clap, yell, howl and cheer for a few glorious moments as a means of sending support.

In Mill Valley, California (a small Marin County community), at 8 p.m. they do this, daily! You can hear their voices from Mt. Tam down to the neighborhood streets. Even the dogs begin howling. It is heartwarming and brings a tear to the eye. It is a collective moment of caring sent out to the workers who tirelessly risk their lives for us and a way to care for each other as a community.

Perhaps the Aspen community and Pitkin County could start applauding also. My daughters suggest these things are started on social media, articles in the local paper, Instagram, Nextdoor, radio stations etc. With the exception of calling the radio, I am inept and hopeless at social media. Our community seems rather silent these days. Help needed! Thank you.

Anne Byard