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Let’s see Trump, Pence break a sweat

In World War II, President Roosevelt used the power of the presidency to increase the production of tanks, aircraft and ships to fight the Japanese and Nazis and save democracy.

Trump is using the power of the presidency to protect his access to Big Macs, to which he is addicted, and to protect big businesses that donate into his coffers. Neither Trump nor Pence have ever worked a day in their lives, and yet they are forcing workers to do their jobs under dangerous conditions and in facilities that are breeding grounds for COVID-19, because it is virtually impossible to practice safe distancing and disinfection in meat-packing plants.

Trump is enacting the Defense Protection Act to force workers into life and death situations — not to save democracy, but to save his re-election bid. Additionally, they are making it impossible for workers and their families to sue their employers for damages when they are forced to work, contract the disease, or die — a win for big business. I worked at a meat-packing plant loading meat onto trucks to earn money for college. I know that the packing plant workers who worked the slaughter lines made my job, which was horrible, look sweet. Pence and Trump need to go to work in a meat-packing plant, put their lives on the line, then they would understand that the jobs are hard enough without the possibility of contracting and dying of the virus in order to give pompous wannabe dictators like Trump their Big Mac fixes.

Dick Hampleman


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