Let’s save Aspen Public Radio’s soul

I’m afraid that if Aspen Public Radio’s decision to eliminate volunteers and music is allowed to stand, the community will have forever lost yet another piece of its soul. The founding principle of the station was to combine programs of global origin with the creative expression of community members who choose to live and work in this unique place.

Under the current plan, the station will be reduced to the role of a delivery system for programs that are widely available over the internet, presenting not a trace of Aspen’s special character as the cultural and intellectual Mecca that it is.

This decision by the APR board deserves to be protested in the strongest possible terms. Such a public challenge is especially justified by the fact that the station receives major support from Aspen and Pitkin County tax dollars.

Valley residents can express their views at the next APR board meeting, which will occur from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday at the conference room of the Aspen Square Hotel on Cooper Avenue.

We don’t have to take this lying down.

Sy Coleman

Founder, Aspen Public Radio