Let’s rally behind Adam

Dear Editor:

We would like to express our support for Adam Frisch for the next mayor of Aspen. Adam was the first full-time Aspen resident we met when we were considering our move to Aspen. He overheard us discussing the merits of Aspen at the Wild Fig restaurant, and he leaned over to our table and introduced himself.

His passion about Aspen was evident in the first few minutes of conversation, and after finishing the evening with Adam, both of us were hooked on moving to this special place. His extraordinary commitment to the future of Aspen is evidenced not only through his current council position, where he has shown both exceptional leadership and integrity, but also through his past voluntary terms with the Pitkin County Financial Advisory Board and the Housing Frontiers Group.

Adam is committed to preserving Aspen’s small-town character while providing opportunities for vitality and economic stability. He values local businesses and will work to improve the regulatory struggles that they face. Most important, Adam is a respectful, balanced and honest person who continually seeks the input of all interested parties and is able to make informed decisions to meet the current challenges facing Aspen. Adam understands the unique character of Aspen, and more than anyone we know, we trust Adam to safeguard Aspen’s future. Please join us in supporting Adam Frisch for the next mayor of Aspen.

Sue and Ron Hopkinson