Let’s keep our distance outside

Please, let’s have consideration for our community health and do our part when enjoying the outdoors. As we exercise and enjoy the fresh air lets not loose track of the “6-foot rule.” On Smuggler, other trails, uphill, cross-country skiing — 6 feet distance when passing.

Step left or right when the trail narrows to create this distance between yourself, friends and others passing by. When we are chatting with friends or family, on the phone or just enjoying your own space, it is easy to forget or not to bother. For the sake of our community, please, courteously “step up and step aside” and to create the 6-foot distance. (Six feet is the distance between our outstretched arms approximately.) This consideration will not only protect ourselves but the entire community.

When someone makes room, say “thank you,” and when they don’t, have the willingness to gently say “6 feet, please.”

Anne Byard