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Let’s elect principled, clear thinkers

I am delighted that we have a wave of smart, dedicated people running to work on Colorado councils.

I’ve always admired Pitkin County’s Francie Jacober, the family she raised and the organizations she has nurtured. The same with Dianne Mitch Bush; I’ve watched her helping the land, water and the lives of Coloradans, from Steamboat councils, to Routt Board of County Commissioners and regional planner, to the Colorado House addressing needs and creating nonpartisan benefits and soon to the federal House of Representatives.

Though grateful to Martin and Samson, I’m excited to have Beatrice Soto and Leslie Robinson adding long awaited diversity to the Garfield Board of County Commissioners. With over 11,000 gas wells to watchdog, they will help our land and communities heal, grow and prosper with jobs in renewables, service and tourism. I’ve always known Karl Hanlon as a clear-eyed, straight-shooting attorney who shares the values of Rankin yet appreciates a clean environment and an educated gun owner.

I look for educated, independent, clear thinkers who are articulate and are inclined to speak up in nonpartisan fashion.

John Hoffmann