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Let’s divest 350 Roaring Fork of its influence

I was amazed by the article in the Feb. 2 of The Aspen Times about divesting of fossil-fuel developers (“Aspen officials elect to divest from fossil fuel-driven corporations”).

350 Roaring Fork, an enviro group, say Aspen needs to stop investing in institutions propping up and profiting from climate destruction. One-hundred-and-seventy-two area residents signed the petition submitted by Will Hodges, chief enviro loudmouth.

I can’t believe that this 350 Roaring Fork group is wasting Aspen City Council’s time on this matter. These hypocrites are telling us not to invest in oil or coal production, while using plastic containers to get their gorp for skiing while using a diesel-powered bus to get there. Their shaving cream, milk, bread, tofu, yogurt, sunglasses, ski boots, skis, auto tires, clothes, shoes and everything else they use is made from or with oil or coal.

Yes, we need to address climate change, but not from bunch of radical loudmouths that think we should just stop using any oil. How many barrels of oil did it take to make their car or the batteries and electricity it takes to run it. The 350 Roaring Fork group is clueless. They are just a fad group that wants to dictate how we run our lives.

James Wingers


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