Let’s be safe and smart, Aspen

Dear Aspen, residents and visitors,

Wishing everyone health, safety and happiness in this difficult time. Thank you to all of the emergency responders, essential workers, volunteers and professionals that have put everything they have into keeping all of us safe, healthy and connected. Thank you as well to the community, businesses and individuals that did their part to successfully flatten the curve in our valley. It is because of our collective efforts that we are containing the spread of the virus locally; however, there are still cases in our valley.

We are still focused on complete containment as we are trying to move to a slow, safe and soon reopening plan. This will require all of us to continue safest practices as businesses open their doors, summer guests arrive and we have increased contacts. Everyone has their part to do, businesses need to create the safest environments, employees will need to protect themselves and their guests, and our visitors need to be conscientious and cooperative as we work together for a safe and successful summer.

We are all very fortunate to be in Aspen and Snowmass; please continue to work together, support one another, and take the appropriate safety measures for yourself, your friends and family, our community and our guests. Our ability to continue on our phased reopening does depend on our medical case numbers and indicators staying minimal and manageable. Let’s all continue to do our part for the safest and most successful reopening of our community for ourselves and visitors.

Mayor Torre