Let logic, not emotion, drive your vote

I think it is time for some of us in the silent majority to speak up against the nonsense being written and spoken today. Do your homework. Look up critical race theory. It has permeated our schools and society for more than 20 years. Look up theses organizations and publications — Sunrise Movement and Our Revolution, the 1619 Project.

Purveyors of these philosophies are right out of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals.” They create chaos, fear, tear it down/destroy it, then offer up the alternative you want. I am old and the Democrats I grew up with were able to have civil discourse and understood the word compromise.

I see nothing of the sort today. Certainly not in federal, state,and local governments. I have never seen the country in a more polarized state in my lifetime. We are at a critical fork in the road for our country. One fork will lead us down the path that you will find in the writings mentioned above. The other back to the country I and many of your readers experienced as we grew up.

Vote whichever way you choose but please vote intelligently, not emotionally, this November.

David Baum