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Let it slide? How about, ‘Stick to the Task!’?

Let it slide? How about, ‘Stick to the Task!’?

Someone must be joking. I mean, really, “Let it slide.” Let what slide? My absurdly high Aspen utility bill? “Honey, have we paid the electric bill?” “No, dear, let it slide.” Did someone get paid for this slogan? Was this one of those matters where the City Council appointed a committee which went into executive groups, returning with what is, at best, mediocrity? This is life and death. This is life-long lung damage.

Oh, we’re adding, “Keep Aspen Open, Keep Aspen Safe!” That explains everything. Keep what “open” – the stores? The bars? The only establishment being kept open with this slogan is The Aspen Valley Hospital.

I suggest a simpler verbiage. A direct, in your face, if you do not get it, I have a right to both explain and repeat it to you. “Stick to the Task, Wear a Mask!” Our city manager was quoted, “We’ve been pretty casual about this … now we’re saying wear a mask.” No, you’re not. You’re saying, “Keep Aspen Open.” And, while you were “casual” so as not to offend tourists, who knows how many individuals were infected. I want a slogan that when I encounter an individual not wearing a mask I can shout a simple, not insulting, not confrontational slogan, “STICK TO THE TASK!!” They would understand. Can you imagine the confused look in their eyes when instead I say, shout, “Let it Slide?”

Mask less individuals, or worse, those that wear their mask around their neck, would not view my suggestion as an insult. Rather, I would think if they “STICK TO THE TASK,” they would suddenly see themselves as part of the Aspen solution, part of the Aspen team. Together, doing your part, we, Aspen can accomplish the “task” which of course is defeating this insidious virus.

“Let it slide.” Please be serious. It means nothing. Defeat the virus, “Stick to the Task/Wear a Mask!!”

Jeffrey D.J. Kallenberg