Let business take its course for Paradise

Everyone has been wonderful defending the Paradise Bakery and its fabulous owners, the Patterson families. If I were a landlord in Aspen, I would be chasing these guys to put this beloved business in one of my properties and be a hero.

Please let business take its course. Ignore the landlords. It goes both ways. Didn’t anyone learn anything when the new landlords chose the long-time Clark family to open a new and improved grocery store in Snowmass, the locals went crazy. “Wow dare you let the lease expire on the original grocery store tenants?” And now that Clark’s market brought in new and improved design and food products, the locals can’t get enough.

So, when the Pattersons are welcomed into a great newly designed and larger spot — and as they said — with bigger with new and improved amenities, we will all be thrilled. And, we will be there thanking the new landlord for saving Aspen (from itself) again.

Lorrie B. Winnerman