Let Board of Health do its job without insults, potshots

Aspen has always been known for its laid-back attitude, which made it great to grow up here. It’s almost been a year since the pandemic outbreak and how’s that going for this tight-knit community?

The job of public health is to promote and protect the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play. In the beginning, Pitkin County Public Health jumped into action creating the first, and for a while the only, COVID-19 hotline in the United States with calls coming in from all over the U.S. seeking advice.

Fast forward to 2021.

When did it become acceptable to be disrespectful not only to the Board of Health but to this county, state and country? Bill (Madsen, mayor of Snowmass Village), you apologized for your disgraceful statement, however, your “impassioned argument” isn’t an option for you as mayor of Snowmass Village. You don’t represent the taxpayers with that statement and you shouldn’t be on the Board of Health, let alone in government.

Ah, the Restaurant “Alliance.” It’s embarrassing to see them file lawsuits because they can’t have indoor dining during a pandemic. A pandemic. Public health is prevented from doing their job because elected officials on the Board of Health don’t want to anger the restaurants, even at the expense of residents’ health. The affidavit isn’t what’s stopping visitors from traveling to Aspen when Pitkin County is No. 1 in the state for COVID-19 cases (incidence rate).

How about we allow public health to do their job since they’re the experts using science and collecting data. We need to unite as a community and exhibit the integrity that Aspen was built on, instead of attacking the very people that are trying to keep everyone safe. Let’s return to collaboration and respect. The residents and officials of Pitkin County deserve that.

Lanie Sandoval