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Let Ascendigo’s light shine bright

Ascendiogo is a pioneer in the field of therapeutic recreation. Right here in our valley, using the best nature has to offer, they have been quietly experimenting and improvising with groundbreaking results. Universities are adding majors based on Ascendigo’s work. Curriculum is being written by Ascendigo as satellite programs sprout up across the country. Tech startups are percolating with applications based on the work being done by this home grown nonprofit.

And here is the thing: What’s good for humans on the spectrum is good for all of us. What’s working for children on the spectrum will benefit the special needs population in general.

Ascendigo’s camp is another expression of Aspen mind body and spirit. Its mission is born of loving, kindness and empathy. Its work, part of building a peaceful, loving society. Think opposite the disinformation campaign perpetrated by residents of Missouri Heights. Born of fear and greed, it will be a stain on their history.

The light Ascendigo will shine from Missouri Heights and will melt away hate the way water melted the Wicked Witch of the West. I hope Garfield County can see the light.

Marla Butler