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Lessons in history

If you analyze the totality of our species’ inhumanity to man, it becomes obvious that singling out just one ethnic, religious, or racial characteristic to blame is meaningless, because when you look at this through the lens of history it becomes clear that every group has been part of the problem. Singling out just one characteristic to be sensitive about while ignoring all the rest misses the totality of reality and just creates a lot of social and political disharmony at the expense of comity.

What are the 2021 Tennessee law restricting discussion of the German Holocaust (there were a lot of other ones) and other examples of “unconscious bias” in public schools about? International Holocaust Remembrance Day is a good day to bring up that discussion. This state did give us one of the largest religion-versus-science brouhahas of the 20th century, that being the Scopes “Monkey” Trial.

If it isn’t world history bothering people, it’s science. Chill. If you are unfamiliar with this defining event of American history, the classic 1960s film “Inherit the Wind” is an entertaining two hours. Wikipedia’s article is titled Scopes Trial.

Tom Mooney