Lee Mulcahy: I will fight for Aspen

“We didn’t have to be transparent. We didn’t have to take the route we did. It was only because of (media coverage in the Aspen Daily News) that informed the community” — Mayor Steve Skadron, Aspen Public Radio.

“Stop the (formerly secret) dams.” — Lee Mulcahy.

“Throw the bums out!” — The people outside of Versailles who embodied the spirit of liberty of Hunter S. Thompson.

Say “no” to a pair of 15-story dams in the shadow of the Maroon Bells that will flood wilderness areas. Wilderness Workshop and nine other entities are opposed.

The mayor is a decade-long globetrotting politician who promised “slow growth” and “transparency.” We got neither.

As mayor, I propose to stop the dams, stop the secret sessions, shrink the government, kill the mayor’s new city “Taj Mahal” offices, cut the city’s property tax, freeze city hiring, raise the minimum wage to $15/hour (exempting small business), allow cannabis clubs and improve transit with community Councilman Bert Myrin. And to do it all for a buck. Furthermore, I promise to turn the reins over to Bert (or whoever) in 2019.

This election is a struggle for Aspen’s soul: David versus Goliath, shrinking big government versus a corrupt City Hall machine, transparency versus executive secret sessions, community versus big money resort, funky versus corporate, fired whistle-blowing former freestyle aerial certified snowboard instructor/artist with Ph.D./taxi driver/property manager versus glamorous globe-trotting elitist lifetime politician.

The mayor’s continued “war on cars” is illustrated with his new Aspen Institute “top down” plan to remove hundreds of parking spaces near City Market. When Aspen Public Radio asked him about blowback, the mayor said he already talked to the community: (1) the architect the city paid $3 million already for the mayor’s empire building-his proposed city “Taj Mahal,” (2) the CEO of the Aspen Art Museum and (3) the Hechts.

Do you see why Jeffrey Evans regarded my Aspen Art Museum banning for the painting “Meet the Art Police” as an endorsement?

Citizens, I love and am devoted to our community. I humbly ask you for your vote.

Lee Mulcahy


Letter to the Editor