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Leave the mountain lions be

There was a letter to the editor, written by John McBride, regarding extending the hunting season for lions to reduce the number of lions in the wild, therefore minimizing the contact between lions and people — by killing them (“Killing mountain lions shortsighted, ill-conceived,” Feb. 13, aspentimes.com).

I couldn’t agree more with McBride who implores, as I do, that there should be human education regarding lions’ wild habitat, warning hikers and campers that perhaps they will have an encounter with a lion, and what to do about it. It is all too easy to hire professional hunters to kill the lions, and extending the regular hunting season for hunters, requiring a special lion tag; but leaving them alone, not killing them, being aware that with enlargement of their territory, the lions would have more space, and be less inclined to be where they might negatively interact with humans.

Leaving the lions to live their lives, with the minimum of human encroachment, is a much better approach. This argument will be good for black bears, as well. After all, the animals were here first and do deserve respect.

David J. B. Singer


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