Leave Pandora’s alone

I am writing in opposition to the Pandora expansion on Aspen Mountain. I have been a passionate skier on Aspen Mountain for over 40 years. It is my mountain of choice and I have had the privilege of guiding skiers on every inch of it.

My concern is the environmental impact of this development. The delicate balance of nature will indeed be compromised. The backside of Aspen Mountain is the home to herds of elk, deer habitat, bear dens, and numerous other mountain creatures. Despite the studies and research, this project cannot be justified.

Aspen Snowmass Corp. claims to be environmentally conscious, a green company. How many recycled paper cups would it take to offset the encroachment of over 100 acres to build another lift? Can we justify this development for a few more “bump runs”? Look what happened when Highland Bowl and Deep Temerity opened!

Consider the long-term effects from construction of the lift: heavy equipment for maintenance, snowmobiles for patrol, and explosives for avalanche control … just to name a few. Experienced skiers have been skiing the Pandora area for years. Let them continue to enjoy it without interference.

In view of our overpopulated valley and traffic surge, only essential building should be approved currently. We should be reducing, not expanding.

Respect Mother Nature. Do Not Open “Pandora’s Box.”

Kathy Welgos