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Leave fossil fuels out of geopolitical gaming

I was aghast to read Daniel Yergin’s Feb. 15 opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal declaring that liquefied natural gas and shale oil will put the U.S. in a strategically good position to bring stability, power and money to our geopolitical standing.

Shale oil, not to be confused with oil shale, was experimentally produced in Western Colorado where I live, and where I stood in line at the closing bank when Unical failed and Exxon pulled out. Shale oil is the toxic sludge piped from Canada and refined in the U.S. for shipment overseas; this at great environmental cost to the air and great expense as a production cost. You want none of this in your backyard, or in your portfolio.

Our region also produces natural gas. Many wells have run their profitable course and sit poorly capped and leaking. Liquefied natural gas is energy-intensive to produce, dangerous to transport and will be and has been fought against by the citizens at the proposed export terminals, as witnessed in places like Oregon..

With the future we face, fossil fuels are irresponsible and a bad investment, and not for geopolitical gaming.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs