Leave a Prince Creek legacy of sacredness not selfishness

Those of us who drive up Prince Creek Road know the rock gateway. This small iconic rock formation we pass through is like a majestic vortex that allows us to leave behind the world and travel into the forest. The scenery is stunning, and it’s a sacred historical site. One person in the valley does not feel that way. The “owner” of the land made the choice to take down this rock and bury it in a huge ditch on his property. I called Garfield County and they can do nothing as he is within code. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way or called them about this atrocity.

The owner, you never asked the community or Mother Earth, never took into consideration the generations of people living in this valley who love this rock or how taking it down would wreck the landscape, you just made a selfish billionaire decision to do as you please with land you “own.” Sadly none of us own the land, we are simply stewards. It’s our inheritance to pass onto the next generations its beauty, not destroy it.

I give the owner a huge amount of credit for his financial prowess and good for you that you have amassed the massive amount of money you have. It does afford one a lot of privilege and freedom. I did some research on you and you received stellar applause from your employees at Janus, and it sounds like you are a man who principles himself on doing “the right thing.” Indeed you are a smart businessman and breeder of excellence in your cutting horses.

So I have to ask you: What kind of legacy do you want to leave and be known for — the man who really cared about his community and preserved and protected the natural beauty of the land or the rich one who only cared about what he wanted and demolished beauty to serve his own selfish needs. That rock was here long before you. Please do the right thing and stop taking it down.

Allecia Maine