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Learn more about Aspen airport’s future

Our thoughtful Pitkin Board of County Commissioners is working hard on many complex Aspen airport decisions and is nearing a formal resolution on critical choices for the air side. To help fill gaps and correct errors in their information about what options they have and when and how they should decide, a rich and surprising discussion between three independent volunteer experts — Tom Keough, Dick Arnold and myself — was recorded Oct. 22 and posted Wednesday by Grassroots TV. This forum is entitled “Timing Our Choices for a Safer and Better Airport: Proceed Now, or Pause and Learn?”

Citizens curious about how and when these air-side choices might best be made are welcome to view the recording anytime at https://youtu.be/F-MVGgaVk-k or via Grassroots TV’s homepage grassrootstv.org or its Twitter or Facebook pages. The recording also will be broadcast on Grassroots cable daily at noon, 5 p.m, and 9 p.m. for the next week, then at other times that will be posted.

I hope these fresh views will contribute to wiser and better-timed choices for our community.

Amory Lovins

Old Snowmass