Leadership lacking as working locals suffer

In response to the new restrictions on local businesses, I would like to offer a few points. First and foremost, the decision to implement broad restrictions on all inside dining is not only anti-scientific, but also a direct slap in the face to so many hardworking people in our community. Arbitrary decision-making is to be expected with government; however, this overreach is a bit disturbing for our community going forward.

With a total of three Sar-coV-2 deaths in Pitkin County, and a majority of cases being asymptomatic, these Draconian measures are arbitrary and inconsistent with the data being presented. I have not seen any legitimate reason, based on real data, to support the decision to close indoor dining and limit hotel capacity to 50%. If this data does exist, it has not been shared with the stakeholders of the town.

Make no mistake; this virus is real and dangerous. However, it is not a death sentence, contrary to the beliefs of many. As a community, our goal should be protecting the vulnerable while not punishing our wonderful community and the small business community as a whole.

I am disappointed in our local leadership, as they have shown multiple times over that they are incapable of handling this pandemic in a reasonable way. Reaction is not proactive, and all we have from our “leadership” is reactionary decision-making.

I plead for a return to common sense governance that puts the hardworking folks who drive our local economy first, not last. They deserve that, and it’s a shame to see City Council disregard them as secondary to our noble second-homeowners.

Evan Morris