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‘Leaders’ destroy childhoods

As we approach two years of public hysteria, political hypocrisy and “expert” contradictions, it is our duty to make certain that children do not forget who fought for them and who advocated against them.

Data has been readily available on the ineffectiveness of masks (unless they are surgical grade N95) and lockdowns (see recent Johns Hopkins study), how mentally/emotionally damaging both masks and lockdowns have been on children and how minimal the impact COVID-19 is on 99.97% of the population. And this is just what is available now. Wait until the piles of data on the long-term impacts come out, if the censorship crowd allows it. Children have paid the biggest price for the adults allegedly in charge of protecting them, and still they want to make them pay more.

None of this matters. Data and stats won’t sway politicians, bureaucrats and school boards, because they lack the intellectual and political courage to look at data with an objective lens. Everything must be viewed through a “CYA” political lens, or whatever the narrative du jour is being served up by the puppets in the press.

We don’t have leaders. We have grifters who pretend to care in positions of power in both political parties. While Denmark, Sweden, England and many other countries rapidly move to remove all mandates, the U.S. and our local “leaders” want to prolong this as long as possible because to end it might signal they have been wrong from the beginning.

The good news is children are intuitive and resilient. They will not forget who fought for them, who was complacent and who was complicit in destroying their childhood. As more truth comes out, don’t let those who spent two years pushing these insane policies off the hook. Remind your children who was, and still are, enforcing these ad hoc mandates based on ever-changing “science,” and who have been cheering along this charade mindlessly parroting “it’s just a mask” or “trust the science.”

Or as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sang in their more enlightened years, teach your children.

Chase McWhorter