Lawyer undermining girl’s courage

In the article about Paige Quist’s social media video describing sexual assault (“Aspen girl speaks out in video about alleged rape.” The Aspen Times, Oct. 16.), you quote one of the defendant’s attorney Arnold Mordkin as follows: “It seemed extremely strange to me,” Mordkin said. “It’s the first victim I’ve come across that wanted the world to know who she was.” Really? I wish the reporter would have followed up with Mordkin and held him accountable for this nonsense. Mordkin, where in the world have you have been? How many sexual assault victims have come forward, famous and not so famous, during the past two years to tell their personal stories of violence?

Mordkin’s comment is disgusting and demonstrates exactly what is wrong with the discussion about sexual assault in our country. He implies that Quist is seeking attention in a sick attempt to discredit her.

Quist is a hero. Her bravery has prompted others in our community to share their stories. Her vulnerability is a gift to girls and women in our Valley and, because of her, we have a safer community.

Brooke Allen