Law officials must take bigger role in health code enforcement

The city and county both want stricter enforcement of the health board ordinances. Look at the article in The Aspen Times on July 8 (“Pitkin County commissioners urge stricter enforcement of pandemic rules”). There is community and local government concern over lack of compliance with health ordinances. Our problem is increased by our police and sheriff’s departments refusal to enforce health ordinances at all and their continued clinging to “community policing.” It probably is time to lose the top police and sheriff’s office officials and put in some leaders who can see that such a policy is not appropriate in this very serious health crisis. Lack of enforcement will be responsible for our return to a shutdown. This will add increased economic havoc to the crisis.

Local police and sheriffs writing parking violation style tickets for a hundred bucks VISIBLY on the streets will quickly change the mask usage here.

I am sorry that the some people in our community can’t differentiate between personal freedom and social responsibility. Are you really surprised by this? The whole country is lost in a childish squabble over political issues that have nothing to do with virus transmission. We need the cops to help them learn on this one with enforcement. Same with noncompliant businesses.

Pete Grannis