Larimer County Sheriff backs Joe DiSalvio

If you visit the state Capitol, you will witness how elected representatives divide themselves into camps based on party affiliation. All too often, those divisions get in the way of serving the citizens who sent them to Denver. But, if you witnessed Colorado’s sheriffs come together as we did a few years ago in Aspen at the invitation of Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, you see a group that comes together bonded by a common purpose: protecting our communities and standing up for the rights of our constituents.

I’ve had the honor of knowing Joe and watching him as a sheriff for the past eight years. Joe and I have some great conversations. We don’t always agree on political issues, but I’ve gained a tremendous respect for his commitment to serving Pitkin County. Joe has gained the respect of his colleagues and was even elected to our state association’s board of directors. Joe is not afraid to be a dissenting voice if he believes we are going the wrong direction.

If Pitkin County wishes to continue to be represented by a sheriff who listens to his community, understands their needs and commits himself to fully serving and protecting, you would be smart to re-elect Joe DiSalvo to another term.

Sheriff Justin Smith

Larimer County Sheriff