Landlords bear enough of the brunt already

Alison Berg did a brilliant job describing the short-term rental issue (“Colorado conundrum: How communities around the state are handling short-term rentals,” Sept. 17).

Being a landlord is not a license to mint money.

I own long-term rentals, including one in Aspen. During the pandemic, I lost $38,000 in rental income because of the eviction moratorium. Money my tenants can never afford to pay back. During that time, I had to replace one roof, one HVAC system, one hot-water heater and deal with two destructive floods. I also had to pay property taxes, HOA fees, insurance and my mortgages.

I am facing my 42nd 29th birthday. I do not have time to catch up on these losses.

Please stop expecting small, caring landlords to pay for society’s bigger problems.

But I have a solution. I just rewatched “There Will Be Blood” on Netflix. Daniel Plainview provided shelter for his workers. Aspen Skiing Co. and Xfininty already do that here in the valley. What a great paradigm!

I suggest other employers, the restaurant and retail associations, the school district, etc. purchase or build housing for their employees. The county can give them subsidies to underwrite the cost.

They are getting the long-term upside of the real estate, so these companies win two ways. The employees gain affordable housing.

Please leave us landlords alone!

Beth Ellyn Rosenthal