Kuhlenberg invaluable asset for RFSD Board of Education

Kathryn Kuhlenberg (“Miss Kadi”) is a treasure in our community. She has deep expertise and experience in education, with firsthand knowledge of what our children need. As a preschool owner and parent, she is on the front lines educating our children and is acutely aware of the complexities of creating a warm and healthy learning environment in the face of many challenges.

My daughter has been in Miss Kadi’s class for over a year. I am amazed every morning when I see the loving connection and warm environment she creates in her school — she is every child’s favorite teacher. Not only is she deeply engaged with the children, but her understanding of how children learn and what they need to be successful permeates each lesson and how the school is structured.

Additionally, as the owner of the school, she is intensely aware of the financial challenges all schools face and how to stay in afloat in the face of school closures and limited budgets. I have been exceedingly impressed time and again with her professional demeanor, deep expertise in child development, and dedication to every child’s unique needs. Education is her passion.

With three young children of her own, Miss Kadi is deeply invested in the school system and will be for many years to come. Her personal, academic and professional experience in education gives her an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise that would be an invaluable asset to the school board. Vote for Katheryn Khulenberg for RFSD Board of Education Seat E — our children deserve her.

Katherine Lorenz