Kudos: Sept. 23, 2018 | AspenTimes.com

Kudos: Sept. 23, 2018

Thank you, Wheeler Opera House

My name is Loren Wilder and I am the creator of “NU·TOPIA,” an original show produced last spring at the Wheeler Opera House. Thank you for allowing me to use this forum to thank the city of Aspen, Gena Buhler and the incredible staff at the Wheeler for all the support and encouragement to produce our multi-media dance show.

I am an individual theater artist who has worked over the past 30 years with essentially every producing entity in our valley as a technician, artist, designer or teacher. The privilege to produce my own event after years of working with and supporting others was due to the backing afforded me by the city of Aspen and the Wheeler Opera House. They made it possible for me to realize a concept of love and hope wrapped in Beatles music and beautiful dance. Thank you for the time and freedom to create a large-scale project and present it to our community in such a beautiful and special place.

Many thanks are also due to Colorado Audio Visual and its owner Michael Burns for technical and strategic support as well as the Aspen Dance Connection who fed and cared our dancers during the performances.

I would like to add that the overwhelmingly positive reaction we received from the audience included lots of encouragement to continue this venture. My greatest pleasure would be to re-produce “NU·TOPIA” and carry the Aspen Ideal, the renewal of body, mind, and spirit, into the world at large. We will keep the community posted on that account. Many, many thanks to all who attended the shows, your energy and appreciation amplified its spirit. To the city of Aspen, the Wheeler Opera House staff and Gena Buhler; please accept my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the entire “NU·TOPIA” team for this rare opportunity to create original work. As an artist and a community member, I will be forever grateful.

Loren Wilder


A Way Out is a great nonprofit

I want to give an enormous thank you to our local nonprofit A Way Out for putting on the symposium at the Hotel Jerome on Tuesday. This event hosted three experts in the field of addiction and provided lifesaving information for our community. I am grateful that organizations like A Way Out fundraise and put on these events to change the culture and patterns within our amazing community.

Kimberly Reil