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Kudos: Oct. 28, 2018

Thanks for making homecoming memorable

On behalf of the Aspen High School Booster Club Board, we would like to thank everyone who participated in Aspen High School homecoming. The events, including the class of 2019 senior breakfast, community bonfire and homecoming football game were a huge success.

The outstanding support for Aspen High School and Skier athletics confirms that families and the community are committed to supporting our school.

We especially want to thank our sponsors for their overwhelming support and generous giving. Sponsors include: Mountain Temp Services, The Aspen Store, Christ Episcopal Church, The Runaway Shovel, The Romero Group, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Altec, The Art of Color, Timberline Bank, Savage Construction, ANB Bank and Aspen Valley Hospital.

A special thanks to the many volunteers/organizations who contributed, many behind the scenes, to the success of homecoming. The city of Aspen, the Aspen Parks Department, Aspen Volunteer Fire Department, The Aspen Rotary Club, The Maroon Creek Club, Mountain Flowers, Paradise Bakery, Austin Colbert, Aspen High School Principal Tharyn Mulberry, assistant principal Sarah Strassburger, athletic trainer Celty Fitterer, Tenille Folk and the kitchen crew, Gary Vavra and the transportation/facilities team, athletic director Martha Richards and athletic assistant Amanda Trendell. The Friday night Red Wagon crew: Tod and Karin Wehse, Lori Guilander and Diana Duffey. Friday night chain gang: Ken Johnson, Bill Moriarty, Dwayne Romero, Dave Fuentes and Jeff Hoffman. Friday night guys in the box: Tim Francis, Mark Thorpe and David Bach.

Aspen High School Booster Club

Thank you to a wonderful good Samaritan

I am writing this letter vey belatedly to thank Aspen native Travis Redd for coming to my rescue Sept. 20 when I broke (yes, not simply dislocated) my shoulder at the bottom of the Iowa Shaft trail.

Travis, thank you for being my rescuer that afternoon. I know you sacrificed a good chunk of the time you had reserved for your eagerly anticipated bike ride. You are my true local hero. I assume you must have some first aid training, because you seemed to know exactly what to do. How fortunate was I that you happened upon me when you did since I was getting nowhere with the Sheriff’s Office on the phone. Your splint immediately relieved my pain and allowed for a much more expeditious evac to Aspen Valley Hospital than otherwise would have been possible. Thank you again.

Now repaired with a plate and a whole lot of really large screws, I’m on the mend. See you in the Highlands Bowl mid-winter; I’ll be the lady likely without poles (again!). Bless you and good luck. You’re going to be a wonderful father!

Tracy Murtagh


Leading the youth the right way

We at the Aspen Chapel would like to acknowledge the work done by our youth director, Elaine Bonds, and honor her 20-year contribution.

If we remember the simple but powerful truth that our children are our future we can see what a contribution Elaine has made in her creation and leadership of the youth program at the Aspen Chapel. The carefully designed core program of Tuesday School gave children the opportunity to explore many spiritual traditions through education, meditation and active engagement in the community.

Within and beyond Tuesday School, Elaine developed many additional activities that reflect the universal values of spiritual traditions including those below.

• She formed a high school group, Kids for Kids, who learned about philanthropy from a spiritual basis, earning funds and making contributions.

• Working with the Jewish congregation she created Shoah services, including children from both congregations.

• Children visited Whitcomb Terrance on a regular basis sharing activities with the seniors.

• On Martin Luther King Day holidays, Elaine organized a group of families from both congregations who created and shared a dinner with the residents of the Homeless Shelter.

The Aspen Chapel Youth Program, under the leadership of Elaine, helped children feel safe, respected and appreciated as they developed their own sense of spirituality that they could carry forward. Fortunately, Elaine is remaining with the Chapel in the position of outreach and social responsibility.

Barbara Bloemsma, Mimi Hauenstein and Donna Ward

The Aspen Chapel