Kudos: Oct. 21, 2018

Thanks to all nonprofits

Here at the Aspen Chapel, we were delighted to be voted “Best Nonprofit in Aspen” at your award ceremony Tuesday, and wanted to point out the enormous effort that all nonprofits put into making this valley a better place.

We should acknowledge all the volunteers, the love, the care, the effort and the money that they contribute to so many areas. Without them, we would be an infinitely poorer place.

Public data suggests that in 2017 nonprofits in the upper Roaring Fork River valley collectively brought in more than $103 million and spent nearly $113 million. Their combined assets added up to almost $272 million.

Here’s to everyone involved in our nonprofit sector!

Nicholas Vesey

Minister at the Aspen Chapel

Kudos for the community

Kudos to:

Rachel Goldman for creating Lucky Dog Rescue and good luck in your new endeavor — hopes it’s another animal rescue program.

The Aspen High School gold team for winning state.

Rachel Richards for all her years of serving our community.

Thank you.

Ruth Harrison