Kudos: Nov. 11, 2018

Thank you for supporting local wildlife

Roaring Fork Audubon, your local chapter of the National Audubon Society, would like to thank another great local institution, Paddywack’s, for helping us with our annual bird seed sale.

Please join us for free bird walks when we start up again in spring and visit our website,, to see how we protect your native wildlife, send our valley’s youth to five-day birding/nature camps and give you an opportunity to support these causes. And please, support Paddywack’s, as well.

Mary Harris


Leading the way to voting participation

Thank you to all of those who helped us pass Ballot Question 2A. Over a year ago, we decided increasing voter participation was the most impactful thing we could do to strengthen the long-term health of Aspen. Rather than mirroring the degradation of our national democracy, we would mobilize locally and provide a model others could follow. We set a lofty goal: Become the first city in America with 100 percent voter turnout. The passage of 2A is a resounding statement by our community — Democrat and Republican, young and old, rich and working class — that Aspen cares about its democracy. Nearly 70 percent voted “yes.” Issue 2A alone will not get us there, but it’s a good start. We humbly ask all of you who care to further strengthen our electoral system in any way for your help, insight and guidance. This is just the beginning.

Thank you, Wendle Whiting, Joe DiSalvo, Art Daily, Skippy Mesirow, Ashley Feddersen, Aspen NextGen and all our volunteers and supporters. You rock!

Thank you.

Aspen Citizens for Democracy

Local contributions lead the way

Kudos to:

Rabbi Emily Segal and the Aspen Jewish Center President Julie Schlafer for their moving service to stand with and mourn for the Pittsburgh community.*

Elaine Bonds for her 20 years of working with the Aspen Chapel youth. Her inclusive program can only lead to more understanding and tolerance.

*The chapel was full and filled over into the hallway.

Ruth Harrison