Kudos & Kindness (Sept. 26, 2021): Here’s to the people who make our community great | AspenTimes.com

Kudos & Kindness (Sept. 26, 2021): Here’s to the people who make our community great

Hailing Holy Cross

Once again, a huge shout of gratitude to the lineman from Holy Cross Energy. We had a terrible wind storm up in Ruedi Shores recently and once again, a tree fell on a power line. This only happens in the wee hours up here (never in daylight!) and at 12:30 a.m. several crews from Holy Cross were up here in line trucks with search lights looking for the break. Then the rain fell. These wonderful folks worked for three hours to restore power up here and I am so very grateful. Always remember, our power comes from a source and that source is the hard-working folks at Holy Cross. Thank you, all.

Cindy Ford



Kudos go to …

— The Coffmans for protecting their land against development. Aspen Valley Land Trust now owns their ranch.

— Judge Fernandez-Ely for her 21 years of service in finding help for defendants, instead of just throwing them under the bus.

— Rick Head for his 10 years of service on the housing board. Thanks for taking your job seriously.

Jeremie Oates’s letter to the editor about “reflecting on Afghanistan.” It is well worth reading as he is someone in the know.

I appreciate all of you and what you’re done or said.

Ruth Harrison



A great season of football

Hello, our names are Clayton (5/6 team) and Colton Folk (3/4 team),

We are so happy we get to play PeeWee Football this season. Today, I (Colton Folk) scored my first touchdown! It was so much fun.

We love football because we get to be part of a team. The team spirit is so much fun. Football teaches us everyone on the team has a job to do.

We would like to thank The Aspen Elks Lodge #224, Aspen School District, Aspen Varsity Football and Aspen Middle School Football, Aspen Recreation Dept., Aspen Parks Dept., and all of the parents and coaches that are putting in their time to make this happen.

Special thanks goes to Chris Shepard, Johnathon Mika and Tim Morgan the 3/4 grade coaches. Also Brian Welker, Todd Hoeffner and Chip Fuller the 5/6 grade coaches.

As parents, we would not want to be anywhere else on a beautiful fall Saturday than watching our boys play football and catching up with our valley wide friends.

Thank you everyone for making this football season happen,

Doug, Tenille, Clayton, Colton Folk



Simply delicious

Culinary praises to Jaffa restaurant in Orchard Plaza. Today was my fourth visit to the Middle Eastern cuisine establishment and I went with an appetite and with the intent of writing a serious review. If my fourth visit could be as consistent with the previous three, how could I not compliment them in every way? I probably ate more than I should have, but the food is simply that good. The lamb soup was superb; rich but mildly seasoned. The tabouleh exploded with fresh parsley and mint. The dolmades were perfectly textured and tantalizing. The falafel plate was better than Afteem in Bethlehem. The Millefeuille is the best ever made in this valley and the baclava rivals the greatest Greek establishments in the country.

I’ve traveled 38 countries, owned a restaurant and appreciate hard work. The owners and employees at Jaffa have an ethic of cleanliness and purity and it shows in every way; no room for day-before-ingredients or leftovers. Every dish is a signature of culinary pride and professionalism. If you burp an hour later you’ll marvel, “Oooh, FRESH! It’s simply the freshest, cleanest and most honest combination of flavorful food you can imagine. Take a lesson from this friendly and efficiently run restaurant; your taste buds will love you for it. Mazeltof! Poftă Bună Andshahiat Tayiba. Congrats and long life!

Charles Barth

Snowmass Village