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Kudos & Kindness (Oct. 31, 2021)

Help our fellow humans

Traffic light. A man walking back and forth. Gray cap. T-shirt. Tattered pants. Fingerless gloves. Cardboard sign. Help.

The Homeless Shelter and the Prince of Peace could use some support with their quest to help the homeless. The shelter will accept clean, warm secondhand clothing. If you have sleeping bags, pads, backpacks, blankets, etc.hiding out in your closets or garages, those are items that are in great need.

The Aspen Chapel is opening their doors at night offering a warm place for the homeless to sleep. The sleeping area will need to be cleaned before and after the space is used. The chapel will be incurring expenses for the cleaning and for supplies that will be used by the homeless people. The chapel could use donations to help out with these expenses.

It is up to all of us to do the right thing. There but for the grace of God go I.

Patty Spilsbury



Saluting some locals

Kudos to:

• The Red Ant ( I never thought I’d say that!) on her accurate assessment of some of the APCHA concerns.

• Mitch Osur, Nan Sundeen, John Krueger and Vince Savage for all your years of valuable service to the community.

• Jackie Francis, executive director and founder of Global Warming Mitigation Project Battling Climate Change Worldwide. Jackie, who grew up here, deserves to be proud. Thank you.

Ruth Harrison



Quality care at AVH

We recently had a medical emergency and went right to our local ER. The quality of the staff at all levels is completely amazing.

By noon, we had a private room, and the staff “on the floor” was equally competent and kind. We are very blessed to have such a great facility in this tiny town.

Thank you, Aspen Valley Hospital, and every member of the team.

Lorrie Winnerman



Top-notch training in Basalt

I’ve been shooting guns since I was in my early teens, lucky enough to share different experiences and memories with my father. My son and I just took a class equaled to the best class I’ve ever taken with AjaxShooting! The teachers couldn’t have been better!

One is veteran of fighting terrorism in multiple areas overseas. He was a specialist in heavy weapons and tactical naval operations. The other has years of local law enforcement experience and training.

For anyone interested I highly recommend contacting them at AjaxShooting@gmail.com

Jerome Marks



Great coaching and a sacked quarterback

Thank you, Aspen Elks Lodge #224, for sponsoring youth football so I could play for the first time this year. Thank you, coaches Chris, Tim and Johnathan for coaching and thank you to coach Ron and Mountain West Youth Football for the program. My favorite part was sacking the quarterback. That was so fun. It was such a fun season. I made so many friends. I can’t wait for next season.

Wyatt Lawrence #12

Third grade



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