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Kudos & Kindness (Oct. 10, 2021): Thanking those who make the community great


Quality care at AVH rooted in visionary thinking

Recently after having successful surgery at the Aspen Valley Hospital I spent two nights there. To my delight I was housed in a room with a direct view of Shadow Mountain, which reminded me that as an Aspen city councilman I had approached then county commissioner Joe Edwards in order to dissuade him from moving the hospital from its then location on Lone Pine Road to a new location on Castle Creek Road.

I wanted the hospital to remain “in town.” Joe explained to me that the hospital board had convinced the commissioners that in the future the hospital was going to need a much larger site in order to accommodate needed expansion. Accordingly, as a councilman, I then reluctantly agreed to the new location on Castle Creek Road.

My recent stay there made me appreciate the wisdom of the county commissioners in listening to the hospital board. And having recently experienced two post operative stays in the University of Colorado hospitals in Aurora, I was pleasantly surprised by the high level care I received at the Aspen Valley Hospital. My surgery was successful, the nursing care was unparalleled and the food was delicious.

In addition, let me add that prior to and subsequent to my operation I traveled with my walker and my wound-vac to and from Aspen Valley Hospital from Carbondale entirely on RFTA buses. One of my finest accomplishments as a city councilman I consider to have been the establishment of Aspen’s first bus system.

James Breasted


Viva Las Vegas and long live Mezzaluna


What an amazing summer, it was busy, almost to a fault. Big time employee shortages were the bane of many businesses existences. But, they made it work. The staffs all deserve a round of applause for working extra, putting up with lots of attitudes and working thankless jobs in general. Yes, lots of money was made, but that does not always make everything acceptable. Sometimes you have to really say thank you to your employees, Mezzaluna is doing just that.

The owners of Mezzaluna, Grant (JR) and Deryk, are taking all of their employees from both restaurants for a little respite in Vegas. Seventy-two people are being thanked in action from a locally owned and operated restaurant, and that’s awesome! From soup to nuts, they are taking care of all of it! While I am employed there, that does not diminish the actions of the owners. I am absolutely giddy at the prospect of being able to kick up my feet poolside and know that my work ethic (and everyone else’s) is appreciated. So on your next night out, consider supporting a locally owned restaurant that supports locals. Viva Las Vegas!

Aidan Wynn



A terrible crash, an incredible response

I would like to acknowledge the Aspen Ambulance District for exceptional care when I had a bicycle accident last week on the bike path in Aspen.

The team who rescued me, Lisa and Russell, were professional and presented with confidence that helped me at the time. Not only were they very competent EMTs, but they also calmed me with their words and kindness.

Even after they got me to the ER, Lisa stayed there with me for a good while. She truly got me through the horrible ordeal. Lisa, thank you so much, I appreciate you everyday.

In addition to my gratitude for Lisa and Russell, I would like to thank Clair, a random bicyclist, who happened to be there at the time of the accident. It was very kind of you to take your time to offer services.

I must also recognize the outstanding care givers in the ER at Aspen Valley Hospital. You guys were the best! Kimberly, Kelly (there were several Kellys), Nang, another Lisa, Dr. Potter, and several others. I am sorry, it was chaotic, so I cannot remember all of your names. Oh yes, and the imaging department staff!

There’s more! I was admitted to hospital for several days, and had surgery. Again I experienced the great kindness and competence from the hospital nurses staff, the operating team, and physical therapy department.

What is very clear, the medical services in Aspen are top notch. Thank you to everyone who cared for me those few days. You made this miserable experience much more tolerable, right down to the berrie shakes from the kitchen!

With deep gratitude to all.

Sue Sharpe

Glenwood Springs


A shot in the arm for Woody Creek

With warm hearts, big smiles and boosted immune systems, Woody Creekers are grateful to Laurie, Maggie, Liz and all the folks at Community Health Services; Eric, Jerrod, and everyone at Aspen Outfitting Co.; George Wear Fabulous Volunteer, Fidel Duke and his Essential Support, and all the participants for showing up and baring arms for the 2021 Woody Creek Flu and COVID Vaccination clinic held on Oct. 6. There was a great turn out. The vaccinator-experts where full of TLC and just-the-right doses for all. And today we are back to our regularly scheduled, better protected, lives. Thank you one and all!

Peg O’Brien

Woody Creek


‘Autumn in Aspen’

Golden, glorious, quaking treasure …

Autumn’s choir’s mysterious strain …

Shimmering, singing, measure for measure …

Nature’s twenty-four carat refrain.

Laura Taylor Mulkey

Las Vegas

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