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Kudos & Kindness (Nov. 21, 2021): Readers give their final goodbye to Lonnie

Just doing as he was told

The barbershop in Basalt is certainly one of my favorite spots in town. I got my last haircut there, from Lonnie, at the end of August. Scott Condon reported, correctly, that Lonnie was a fount of good stories, some of which I’ve heard over the years (“Community grieves the loss of Lonnie Bones, the Basalt barber and master storyteller,” Nov. 15, The Aspen Times).

What Condon does not mention is that Lonnie’s regular customers included some very wealthy and very important people who, like everyone else, had to wait their turn in line. During my last visit, one of the regular customers complained (mildly) that Lonnie had raised his prices (to about half of what it costs me to get my hair cut when I’m not in Basalt). Lonnie explained that Tom Korologos, whose impressive resume includes having been ambassador to Belgium, had come in recently and insisted that Lonnie raise his fees, which Mr. Korologos considered ridiculously low. After telling this story, to the complaining customer, Lonnie shrugged and said that he had been ordered to raise his fees by a government official.

Douglas MacLean



Lonnie will be missed

Lonnie Bones will indeed be missed by many throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. I got my haircuts from Lonnie and Chad Bones for around 20 years. The Basalt Barber Shop is an institution in the community. It is one of the few places where you could meet people from all over the country and converse with them about almost anything.

Lonnie was a fun philosopher about all aspects of life. You could always walk out of the shop with a smile on your face. Lonnie and I shared a common bond of growing up in rural Nebraska and Kansas. My deepest condolences to the Bones family.

Randy Fricke

New Castle


A job well done by The Gant team

While most of us ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, there was a person on The Gant’s team who managed to (nearly always) be calm, cool and collected.

Robert Johnson, along with an unusually small staff this summer, managed to check in 2,500 reservations, drive countless people to the Aspen Music Festival, the airport, and pick up at least 1,000 shopping bags from City Market.

Just a few of the guests who recognized Robert in post-stay surveys said:

— “I thought I’d lost my wedding ring and Robert provided assurances that the housekeeping staff would look for it. Service is great and professional. I found (the ring) in my luggage not long after we left.”

— “Robert was obviously a take charge person.”

— “Robert took care of us!”

— “Front desk and shuttle staff very helpful and friendly, great customer service. Robert was very kind and helpful.”

When his staff was asked about Robert, a common response was that one of the funniest things he does is when he quotes a line from an old movie that none of us has seen and says “Seriously, nobody?! … God, I’m old.”

Behind the scenes, and often without much recognition, Nicole Jurasky and Gretchen Dieterich in reservations frantically assigned condos to bookings that seemed to come in rapid fire all summer long. Working on the digital tape chart like some sort of Tetris game on steroids, they managed to keep (nearly) every guest and homeowner happy this summer despite high occupancy and low staffing levels.

— “I want to thank Gretchen so much for helping us with our reservations! She was amazing and provided outstanding service! She was so kind and patient with all our requests and we would not have stayed at The Gant had Gretchen not found a condo available”

— “Gretchen in reservations is always so helpful and so accommodating to some of our requests. Truly exceptional service.”

— “Nicole Jurasky and all of the staff at the front desk and transportation/bell staff!”

Together, these two logged over 3,000 phone conversations this summer and are undoubtedly looking forward to some quiet time this fall!

While recognizing these three employees for their tremendous work this summer, it is important to acknowledge our entire staff. From front desk agents and van drivers, to our concierges, café and banquet teams, and from the housekeeping staff to our maintenance team. So many of our staff stepped up to work doubly hard this summer and make the experience for our guests and homeowners special. Thank you to all!

Erin Barr

Resort manager, The Gant Aspen