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Kudos & Kindness: Teachers deserve our gratitude; awesome teamwork at Aspen hospital

Grateful for our teachers

The Roaring Fork Schools recognize May as Staff Appreciation Month. This year, with the financial support of our communities, we were able to show some material appreciation for our teachers and staff members with the pay increases that everybody recently saw in their paychecks. However, money alone does not go far enough in expressing the deep appreciation that we feel for all the people who work in our schools. During the final month of the school year, we celebrate student and school achievements as well as the people who make those successes possible.

There is no question that the people who work in our schools — working in our classrooms, kitchens, buses, offices, or even behind the scenes — are our most important asset. We have more than 1,000 staff members, and each person plays a crucial role in our mission. Our staff members do so much more than teach, prepare meals, maintain spaces or transport students: They inspire and motivate; they care for and fix; they change lives.

We are so grateful to have been able to make the largest salary adjustment in the district’s history last month through a voter-approved mill levy override; it demonstrates sincere appreciation and affirmation for the work our staff members do every day. We know that our staff do this important work not because of the paycheck, but because they care so much about the education, well being and future success of our students and our community.

Executive team

Roaring Fork School District


Much to be thankful for

Thank you:

— to people who are cleaning up litter as the snow melts

— that we live surrounded by nature and mountains

— for the thoughtful direction of traffic around the roundabout in Aspen

— for all the snow from the winter

— to runoff for hydrating the soil

— that we live in an area where we can do a lot of fun activities

— for quiet nights so that we can rest well!

— that there is not a lot of crime in our communities

— for clean water from the mountains

— to first responders

— to people for thinking about others

— to construction workers for building homes even when it is cold outside

— to grocery store workers

— to forest rangers for clearing trails of debris

— to the fire department for doing prescribed burns

— to doctors for dedicating their lives to medicine and helping others feel well

— the plants for photosynthesizing and showing us their beauty!

—to local farms and ranches and their delicious food

— for clean, crisp air

Ms. Gagen’s crew

Basalt High School


AVH rises to the occasion

Coming up on our seventh year living here we hear (and sometimes share) criticism of Aspen’s various public institutions. Fortunately, the good far outweighs the bad and over the weekend I experienced a shining example of the good at my three-day visit to Aspen Valley Hospital.

I was quite ill for a few hours but even through my stupor I could sense the caring, competence and teamwork from which I was hugely benefiting. No wasted motion, collaboration between doctors and technicians, positivity everywhere and, most of all superb collaboration. One example among several was a very standard medication with rare side effects unaccountably caused me severe problems. This is not the first time I have had this problem but in other hospitals in the past my distress was largely ignored. My respiratory therapist took my report to heart, did some quick research, conferred with my doctor, and within an hour the right drug for me was identified and administrated.

I was discharged Sunday and am quickly recovering not only due to the care I received but also the confidence I had in the AVH team. In my experience teamwork and competence like this is rare and only exists where nurtured and guided by great management. Kudos to all involved for reaffirming my faith in the Aspen community. Thanks!

Ray Stover