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Kudos & Kindness (May 29, 2022)

A positive influence

My Little Buddy and best friend, Ximena, has been an Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Folklórico dancer for more than a decade. For years my family and I went to see her dancing every May during the Folklórico recital. Unfortunately, she was not able to perform in her last recital performance as a senior in the 2021 year due to COVID-19.

My daughter Alaia has seen Ximena dancing Mexican Folklore since she was a year old. Now that she is 5, she is able to participate and be part of this amazing program; following the steps of her role model and inspiration, my Buddy in the Buddy Program for 10 years, Ximena. Last Sunday, Ximena was, for the first time, a spectator watching her younger brother Joel and my daughter Alaia in her first Folklórico recital.

I feel so proud, and I am so thankful to so many:

Thank you to the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Folklórico that my daughter will grow in a diverse community where we value, learn and celebrate other cultures and folklore. What a show last Sunday! Bravo!

Thank you, Ximena, for all these years of unconditional friendship. I am so grateful you are part of our lives and a Latina role model to my daughter.

Thank you, Buddy Program, for putting Ximena in my life, for giving me the opportunity to get to know her and see this beautiful and talented young woman grow, excel and succeed throughout all these 10-plus years. This experience had an immense positive impact in my life.

Ainhoa Bujan



Thanks to the Moores

Kudos to Tom and Carolyn Moore and Pitkin County Open Space and Trails for creating the conservation easement on their property. For years now, as you drove along McLain Flats Road, the only house that looked like it belonged there was Tom and Carolyn’s. Thank you.

Jim McPhee



Aspen camp shows gratitude

The Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing would like to thank the following local people and organizations for the help and financial support that made our May 2-5 first ever pilot “Job Skills Training Camp” a huge success. We greatly appreciate five members of the Roaring Fork Leadership’s 2021-2022 Cohort, all of the donors in connection with the Roaring Fork Leadership’s efforts, Aspen Rotary, Aaron Aeschliman, Karl and Amy Hampton of the Foundation for the Advancement of Vocational Education, Herrera Painters, Aspen Rent-All, Builders’ First Source, Sherwin Williams, Cesar Macias, Phillip Kauti, Curtis Jones, and Robyn Joiner. Additional out-of-towners Christina Kratky, Billy Allen and Greg Bland also contributed. We are so grateful!

Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing