Kudos & Kindness (May 22, 2022)

Residents step up for Ukraine

Thanks to:

— Claudia at MPS for packing and mailing all the huge amount of medical supplies and blankets I’ve sent to Ukraine. Claudia continues to do so.

— Bobbi Carson and Andy Meleg, Molly Rice, Marie Kelly, Brooke from City Market Pharmacy, Helen and Art Phillips, Mark Neiman, Judy and Steve Adelstein, Gretchen Straub, and Wal-Mart.

— Also to Lena and Martin from the Pyramid Bistro for providing a wonderful dinner with proceeds going to a Ukrainian children’s fund.

— Finally, to all the other people who have contributed to various organizations supporting the Ukrainians.

Ruth Harrison



Keeping our rivers clean

Ever since I was in elementary school, Roaring Fork Conservancy has constantly been sponsoring and helping out Basalt. It was since then that I learned that keeping our watershed clean is extremely important since the water in our river goes all the way to Mexico. I thank them for letting my Girl Scout troop volunteer to help clean the river every year and as well as hosting a fishing day to educate us about our rivers.

Mia Noriega



Eager learners

Thank you, Rock Bottom Ranch, for this great way of helping out the environmental issues. You guys are helping people learn how to create and grow healthy, local, and sustainable food. You guys also help students in school with a group called ACES and it teaches young kids about the environment and nature.

Brandon Contreras



City’s spring clean-up a true community event

Hats off to the city of Aspen Street Department and staff for hosting its annual spring clean-up event! Spring clean-up/free trash pick up is my single-most appreciated city service. It is great to have added motivation to clean up one’s yard and accumulated “stuff” in a home without having to have a truck to haul it to the dump. As an added benefit, I love to see the reuse and recycling that occurs. Many items are plucked off the curb and recycled/reused by others. The city’s spring clean-up is truly a “small-town character” community event. Thank you.

Mike Maple



Seven years strong of crushing trash

Our 7th Annual Trash Crush community clean-up and environmental stewardship event on May 6 was a success. A variety of residents, 15 strong, were brought together by our passion and love for caring for the environment. We cleaned up litter along our roads and paths. But, it wasn’t just about cleaning up litter that day. It’s also about sharing the stewardship message to create the ripple or multiplier effect. We realize many people do their own thing, which is the goal! If we each do a bit, it will mean a lot for Mother Earth. We can reduce litter pollution by simply picking it up. Bend at zee waist and pick up zee waste (skiing is zee easy part).

Pristine Riders express our sincere gratitude to the caring locals who supported our annual cleanup, including Highway 82 east and west of Aspen, Maroon Creek Road and Castle Creek Road. Sincere thanks to organizers, including Pristine Riders and Sun Dog Athletics and huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers, including Susan Capiel, Margaret Durney, Joe Farrell, Emily Garrigus, Tom Gorman, Bill Hodges, Kelly McNicolas Kury, Sam Louras, Ron Morehead, Nick Oliver, Alejandra Portillo, Ainsley Brosnan-Smith, Linda Vitti, Perrin Williams, Adopt a Highway partner CDOT and generous sponsors including Troy Selby at Silverpeak Grill for lunch, Ainsley Brosnan-Smith at the city of Aspen, Cathy Hall at Pitkin County Landfill and the Aspen Daily News.

Pristine Riders is a local 501c3 nonprofit composed of valley cyclists who combine our passion of cycling and the environment. We encourage picking up litter each ride and giving back to the environment, where we receive so much joy. Like Pristine Riders on Facebook for more, including how to score a free bike jersey and be a part of the solution!

Erik Skarvan

Executive director, Pristine Riders


Helping Little Buddies in a big world

It is awfully easy to feel a bit of despair about our world today. I know many of you have had the people of Ukraine in your hearts and minds; I have too. I also have been enjoying some mask-free visits with friends and family and still a bit worried about the pandemic and what comes next! So, when I met my Little Buddy at Basalt Elementary School this month, it was a welcome reprieve and joy to spend time with a child in the community who had her mind on some really different things (what was for lunch, the newest lesson in math and the book that everyone in the school is reading — “Charlotte’s Web”).

As we get to know each other better, my Little Buddy might have questions about the world around us, what is happening, what she is hearing and understanding. And she might not. And that’s OK, too. I often think about the number of youth in our community who have questions and thoughts and feelings that they are longing to share with a trusted adult. Maybe you are ready to take the leap to be a Big Buddy this year? Maybe you know someone who is? If not now, when? Contact us at our office today to learn more about how you can be the change.

Lindsay Lofaro



World Cup return will tie together community

I hope to see smiling faces abound as it has been announced that World Cup ski racing is returning to Aspen in March of 2023. The weekend will be punctuated by the men’s downhill, a.k.a. America’s Downhill.

Many of us are concerned about “community” in the Roaring Fork Valley and there has been a lot of discussion as to why “community” is seeping away. Thinking back to the 2017 World Cup Finals that were held in Aspen reminds me of what I thought was one of the best weeks I had witnessed in Aspen in a very long time. The sun was shining, the snow was sparkling, the sky was bluebird, the skis were fast, but most importantly, everyone in and around town seemed to be smiling. There was a spirit in the air. People seemed to be uplifted by honoring the heritage of ski racing — in March — which is so important to Aspen’s history.

This past April for one night we saw the “skiing community’” come together to honor the life of Spider Sabich. The night felt like the Aspen of old — community. Two nights later the Aspen Hall of Fame dinner was held, and it felt like the Aspen of old — community. Next March we will once again regain our rightful spot among the World Cup community, and it will be the community of the Roaring Fork Valley that will make us proud.

John Bucksbaum



Sister Cities contest gets lift from Alpine Bank

Sister Cities International holds an annual youth artists and authors showcase (YAAS) contest. The theme this year was water sustainability. Sister Cities International believes that art has the power to transform societies and transcend cultural boundaries.

This year, we at Aspen Sister Cities put the word out to Aspen High School students and had two winning entries: Ella Zane and Arden Monaghan. These local winners’ work went on to be judged with others around the world.

Thanks to Alpine Bank for sponsoring this local contest and for their continued support of many local programs.

Jill Sheeley, president, Aspen Sister Cities; Betsy Ann Anastas, vice president, Aspen Sister Cities; Lala Caffarone, Aspen Sister Cities art coordinator


AMS staff toasts supporters

The staff at Aspen Middle School would like to thank the AMS Parent Council for the incredible Teacher Appreciation Week! We enjoyed the ice cream, sweet and salty treats, succulent plants, candy and gift cards for local businesses that you so thoughtfully and generously provided.

Thank you also to the Aspen Elementary PTO, Aspen High School Parent Group and the Aspen Education Foundation (as well as the AMS Parent Council) for Tuesday’s food truck lunch, and our Superintendent Dr. Baugh and the district office staff for our delicious coffee drinks on Friday.

We feel fortunate to be supported by this amazing community. Thank you all.

Aspen Middle School staff


What a community

You know you live in an incredible small town when your dog passes away too soon, and your friends and neighbors express their love, sympathy and compassion in so many beautiful ways. You really know how incredible your town is, when you find the most special of condolences on your front porch left by your dedicated Animal Control officers.

Tina, Lauren, there are no words to express how much we appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. You two are amazing!

Thank you so much for honoring our Pippa, and the adventurous life that she led.

Very gratefully,

Marion, Patrick, Kelly and Alma Garrett

Snowmass Village