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Kudos & Kindness (June 12, 2022)

Enhancing history

Kudos and gratitude to those responsible for rebuilding the iconic buck and rail fencing that runs along the entrance to Aspen by the Holden/Marolt Mining and Ranching Museum and Marolt Open Space adjacent to the public bike path. It looks absolutely wonderful!

Gregory Lampe

Snowmass Village


A giving community

Wow, what a wonderful day the Pitkin County Senior Center, Aspen Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Aspen Art Museum gave us.

Patty, Mary and Ruthie transported us to the beautiful camp along Snowmass Creek. The Aspen Camp board member that greeted us and served us lunch was Karen Immerso. Ryan from the museum taught us and inspired us to go out in nature and create our own individual art creations and then greeted us back at the museum with a guided tour of the new Mountain/Time multimedia exhibit. I feel so lucky to live in this giving community.

Sandy Simpson



Moore open space preserved

A big thank you to Tom and Carolyn Moore for working to preserve their beautiful land and historic home on McLain Flats Road. My children and I look forward to driving by the red barn and elk herds for many years to come.

Kate Spencer



Here’s to the parents

Dear Aspen Community:

The sixth grade teachers would like to publicly express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the parents of Aspen Middle School students. Over the past two years, teaching has been extremely difficult. The parental support and appreciation have made teaching in these times much easier.

It is so gratifying to see how much our students have grown this year. After losing so much to COVID, the efforts of the students and parents have helped our kids to make incredible gains. Parental efforts in getting the sixth grade students prepared for the Outdoor Education hut trip after two years without ODE were nothing short of spectacular. The teachers appreciate your help with homework, dedication to nightly reading, healthy meals, and the talks about good behavior. Your support through hard times has been invaluable. Your exceptional parenting hasn’t gone unnoticed!

We will miss your children. Have a restful, well-deserved summer break.

Sixth grade teachers

Aspen Middle School


Paradise, Patterson family keep giving back

Paradise Bakery recently offered their time and plethora of delicious food at the annual Mother’s/Father’s Day Breakfast at the Senior Center in Aspen. For 26 years, the Pattersons and their wonderful employees have treated us to a full breakfast of bacon, eggs, juice and, of course, muffins. I think they deserve a huge thank-you from the senior community.

So next time you swing by the bakery, please let them know how much they are respected and loved in this town! Glad they’ll be around for a while.

Mary Barbour

Pitkin County Senior Services