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Kudos & Kindness (July 17, 2022)

Pitkin’s finest to the rescue

My friend Ralph Sheehan and myself would like to thank Pitkin County Deputy Dru Lucchesi for extracting us from a precarious situation we had no business being in on a remote mountain road in the Lenado area. Thanks also to Nelson and Oscar, two gents on dirt motorbikes who provided Deputy Dru with the map coordinates of where we could be found.

Kent Reed



Trashmasters links students to scholarships

Congratulations, kudos and hats off to the Trashmaster’s 30th anniversary! Since 1992, this wacky golf tournament has grown to become one on the top homegrown charities in the Roaring Fork Valley. The Trashmaster’s scholarship fund has seen 90 local students graduate from college while 14 scholars are currently in the four-year program.

To date, over $1.8 million has been awarded to high school students from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The main event was held July 10-11 at the Snowmass Club and Trashmasters II for the Locals takes place on Sept. 16 at Snowmass. The Trashmaster’s mantra is “The Trash, the Whole Trash and Nothing but the Trash … So Help Me Golf.”

Boone Schweitzer

Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Trashmasters

Snowmass Village


Supporters, volunteers behind Buddy Program’s success

On Friday, July 8, the Buddy Program hosted their 23rd Annual Bash for the Buddies at Gail and Lenny “Boogie” Weinglass’s home. The evening’s theme was Mardi Gras in the Mountains and it was an absolutely fabulous party!

This was my first year attending the event as a staff member — I recently joined the Buddy Program team as development director — and I was in awe. Having a larger view of the Bash allowed me to truly appreciate the many ways our community supports this incredible organization.

To our amazing cadre of volunteers and staff who made the tent look spectacular and the night enjoyable for our patrons: Thank you! To everyone who joined us at the Bash and supported us through ticket and table sales as well as during the paddle raise: We are so grateful!

To the donors who were not able to join us this summer but still contributed to the event’s success: We appreciate your dedication! To all of our Bash sponsors, especially our title sponsor U.S. Bank: We couldn’t have done this event without you! To those who participated in the best online auction of the summer and the many businesses who donated their goods and services: Thank you! Finally, to the Big and Little Buddies who joined us at the Bash and all of our volunteer Big Buddies who show up without fail for the youth in our community: It is because of you that our community comes together to support this important work!

To learn more about the many ways you can get involved with the Buddy Program, contact Kathryn Sansone at kathryn@buddyprogram.org or call us at 970-920-2130.  Thank you.

Kathryn Sansone

Development director, Buddy Program


Friendly fire

Here’s a fresh idea, let’s consider a medieval way of speaking in the common tongue of today and to spank each other with delectable barbs. At my age of 60, I have come to believe that it’s healthy to speak frankly to one and another, and in so doing, to be truthful to ourselves and to love everyone around us.

I could pick examples but I’m sure I’d unnaturally offend someone. But from now on, let’s be frank, truthful and honest with each other, and let’s laugh together. We’ll all be dust soon enough. Until then let’s relish the cacophony.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village