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Kudos & Kindness (Jan. 23, 2022)


A huge thank you to the exceptional nurses and technicians at Aspen Valley Hospital who took such great care of me during my recent trip to the ER for surgery on both broken wrists. I am grateful for their patience, conversations, and sense of humor; especially Dirk (?), Paige, PJ, Ducky, Kelly, Kathy, Krista, and many, many others.

We are so fortunate to have such high-quality professionals at AVH.

Karen Keeney



Thrift Shop days are here again

The ladies of the Aspen Thrift Shop are happy to announce we are now open for business. We appreciate continued patience as we can never be certain which days will have enough volunteers to open the shop. We are especially grateful to all who respect our request to drop donations only when we are there to receive them.

Thanks to all for your continued support.

The volunteers of the Aspen Thrift Shop


Mayor Richardson, thank you

I would like to extend my gratitude to the mayor of Carbondale, Dan Richardson, for his commitment to the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority Board of Directors. Not only has he been a long-term board member, he was chairman of the board this past year. Dan is now stepping aside. As a former chairman of the board, I recognize his commitment to keep this organization operating efficiently.

Thank you, Dan Richardson!

Art Riddile

Board member, RFTA

Mayor, Town of New Castle


Positive strides at Crown Mountain Park

After a sunny walk along the path at Crown Mountain Park along with hundreds of walkers and their numerous pet dogs this past few weeks, I want to say thank you from myself and everyone in the valley to the Crown Mountain Park staff.

The cement path is almost totally dry and we all sure enjoy the ability to be outside without worry of slick and ice walkways. The staff has worked diligently to get a few trouble ice spots all cleared this year.

A special thank you to Becky, Nate and their staff — we all sure appreciate this special winter walkway. Wow, also don’t we all love the new ice skate rink. Thanks to all involved.

Happy winter walks and chats with neighbors and friends.

Janice Duroux



Be a Buddy, have a Buddy

What have I learned during these hard times? I have learned to lean on my community and that community really matters. We have so many opportunities in the Roaring Fork Valley, so how do you choose one? I recommend the Buddy Program where you can make a direct impact on one person’s life.

Three years ago I wanted to give my time to an organization that really makes a difference. I chose the Buddy Program. I wanted to help a young person see all the good things I see and help them develop into a well rounded individual. Little did I realize that all that would be turned around on me! My Little Buddy has taught me about accepting myself, patience and unconditional love. I have also gained a whole new family and so many life experiences. My Little Buddy and her family are now a constant in my life and I can’t wait to see where the future takes us and the best part is that I know we will all do it together!

So did the Buddy Program make an impact on one person’s life? Nope, it has impacted many lives. Most notably mine!

Please give your time to this great nonprofit. The team at the Buddy Program is very supportive and they care very deeply about this program. They will help you succeed in this mentorship. From free experiences to monthly news letters and great case managers, Big Buddies always have the support they need. Go to buddyprogram.org and check out all that the Buddy Program has done in 49 years of mentoring! Find your way to join or support this great program.

Kara Lindahl