Kudos & Kindness (Jan. 2, 2022): Gratitude for the end of the year and things to come | AspenTimes.com

Kudos & Kindness (Jan. 2, 2022): Gratitude for the end of the year and things to come

Let’s take care of each other

Everyone always says “reach out when you need it,” and I can’t stress enough what it means to me when someone does; but that just isn’t the solution for the suicide rate in this valley. We can’t expect someone to reach out when they hit their deepest, darkest point. If they have to call for help, then we have already failed them as friends/family. I know that several have been accidents or not shown any signs, but enough have, and they were ignored.

We are all guilty of it, and I am personally ashamed of a few occasions (thankfully not lives lost). We all watched and voiced our concerns with each other, but we just didn’t know how to approach it without leaving them with hurt feelings or a broken friendship. We should be up front when we’re worried; let people work out their problems (and offer advice if they ask), but they need to know that we care instead of just being observers.

Everyone goes through their own trials and tribulations, some just can’t go it alone; that doesn’t make them any weaker and they need to know that. It’s impossible to compare your problems to someone else’s. But what you can do is use your own past to relate to their pain, either mental or physical, and let them know that sometimes life is just hard; but they can lean on you because you needed to lean on someone once too.

Happy new year, everyone! Let’s be better friends.

Brendan Berl


Wilderness Workshop appreciative of supporters

I’m Lindsay Gurley, vice president of the board at Wilderness Workshop. As I think back on my years of involvement, I’m reminded how the Workshop has continued to evolve and change while staying tenacious in pursuit of its overarching goal: protecting public lands and waters in Western Colorado. With new challenges facing these beloved places constantly, the Workshop is critical to protecting the places you and I love.

A great example of the Workshop’s continued innovation is the Colorado Wildlands Project. As you know, we have a long history of working to protect over 4 million acres of public lands in and around the White River National Forest. This past year, in partnership with the Southern Utah Wilderness Association, we launched the Colorado Wildlands Project to protect wild public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This means we’re now working across an even larger and wonderfully diverse landscape that comprises some of Colorado’s most spectacular public lands.

Another example is the Workshop’s Defiende Nuestra Tierra program, which is now over three years old! Created to build and deepen our relationship with members of the Latinx community, this program also works to make sure that elected officials and agency staff understand how much the Latinx community values public lands and their protection. Defiende continues to reach new people and create new partnerships. Its most recent event — a Posada and Christmas Tree Cutting with the Forest Service — had over 120 attendees! Being a community-based organization allows our team to build an engaged constituency in support of public land conservation and stewardship.

Whatever your connection to Wilderness Workshop — member or donor, volunteer, ally, partner, or board member — thank you for your support. I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect and include Wilderness Workshop in your year-end giving. Thank you.

Lindsay Gurley

Vice president, Wilderness Workshop board


End-of-the-year gratitude

The board of the Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing would like to thank our supporters, near and far, who have helped us reopen the camp this year. We are especially indebted to the individual volunteers and donors, so many and so generous, who contributed time and dollars to move our mission forward.

We appreciate the the town of Snowmass Village and Aspen Skiing Co. for all of the summer concert-related opportunities. Thank you to Roaring Fork Valley friends, Denver 7 News and a special thank you to your very own Aspen Times reporter, Kaya Williams, who kept the messages positive in our need to stay in touch with the local community.

We would not be as far along as the camp has come recently without all of these gifts. We are excited for plans taking shape for 2022 and want to say thank you, thank you for 2021.

Eric Kaika, Karen Immerso, Zeph Williams, Christy Smith, Jen McLellan and Mike Wynne

Board members, Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Some nice words for the media

Great story on “Midvalley’s miracle on ice.” (Dec. 24, The Aspen Times).

I live in Denver and come to Aspen many times during the year. I love reading your highlights and stories in daily email. Keep up the great work.

M. Eugene Sherman