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Kudos & Kindness (Jan. 16, 2022)

RFTA drivers keep on truckin’

Among the many people working hard during the recent epic snowstorms are the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus drivers, and their hard work should be acknowledged. Through the many storms they kept their passengers safe, and despite the difficulty, got their passengers to their destinations. Well done, everyone!

Carmen Riley



This one goes out to Lonnie Bones

I was shocked to hear that Lonnie Bones passed away. Here is what I have to say.

“Ode to Lonnie Bones”

I’ll miss the man and his smile

sitting in his chair, talking awhile

hiking, fishing, music and more

talking during a trim was never a bore

about friends, family and work he would ask

kept you talking and smiling through his task

everyone in town would be stopping by to get a few minutes with their favorite guy

waiting in line was half the fun

Lonnie shooting the breeze with everyone

so clip on my bro and your shop in the sky

sooner or later we’ll all stop by.

Marc McKinney



Roaring Fork Schools thanks its board members

January is School Board Recognition Month. Every year, the Roaring Fork Schools takes this opportunity to publicly thank our board members for volunteering their time and talent on behalf of our schools. Board members have an incredibly important and challenging job — a job that doesn’t come with any compensation. Their decisions directly impact our 5,300 students, 1,000 staff members, and the community at large.

School boards across the country have faced unprecedented challenges and uniquely contentious times during the pandemic. We appreciate Jasmin Ramirez, Maureen Stepp, and Natalie Toress whose tenure as board members has been almost entirely during Covid. They’ve faced every tough moment with balance and grace and have seen many successes — including the passing of 5B — despite chaotic conditions.

We also appreciate our two new board members, Kathryn Kuhlenberg and Kenny Teitler, who joined the board during a pandemic knowing full well that what they would face wouldn’t be easy. Thank you for stepping up. Being a board member is never easy, and it certainly hasn’t been during Covid. Thank you to each of our board members. We are grateful for your service and leadership.

If you see a board member, please remember to thank them for all that they do for our school community.

Executive team

Roaring Fork Schools


Rewarding work as a Big Buddy

Money is great. If we have any extra, we ought to spread it out to help others. It is satisfying if done correctly, which means being guided by good intentions. But don’t forget we are great, too. Even better than money. And, if so, we ought to give a little of ourselves, too. Since you must go where you give yourself, joy in the results is immediate. Nobody has to send pictures or an annual letter detailing the marvelous effects of your giving. When you give the gift of ‘you’ and see a smile, nothing is lost in translation and the “thank you” doesn’t end up in the landfill.

None of this crosses my mind as I sit in silent concentration with my Little Buddy from The Buddy Program, working intensely on a functioning Lego roller coaster that is requiring more time and effort than constructing a real one. We don’t talk as much as we did playing baseball this summer, but as we know each other better, our quiet connection is more authentic and meaningful. Being a mentor is not all talk. It is simply human connection, the greatest thing to give, and get.

There are many Little Buddies in our community who want to give you a tremendous gift. The hook is that becoming a mentor will make a lasting, positive difference in a young person’s life. The payoff for me is discovering a bigger, softer heart inside my chest pumping new life into my soul.

Roger Marolt