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Kudos & Kindness (Feb. 6, 2022)

A toast to the groomers

I want to compliment the grooming staff at Highlands. I skied there Jan. 28 and the grooming was impeccable — and so many of the runs were groomed. I don’t know how they accomplished it since the storm was just a day earlier.

If the grooming staff had anything to do with the recent snow, sunny skies and short lift lines, I’d thank them for that too. I took a tour with an ambassador from France and that was a great fun opportunity to learn the runs on Highlands better. The ambassador tours are a real benefit to the community and tourists. I haven’t taken a History Tour on the mountains yet, but, I will.

Debbie Overeynder



Santourian left positive mark on AMFS

I was saddened to hear that Asadour Santourian is leaving the Aspen Music Festival and School.

His beautifully designed weekly young conductor concerts were among the most interesting and inspiring programs imaginable.

We wish well the next engagement for Asadour. But the Festival and School are in good hands. Alan Fletcher and Robert Spano are great leaders for Aspen’s international gem. I have never read of an AMFS program that I didn’t want to hear.

James Trapp



Proud to be a buddy

When I returned back to the valley in the spring of 2018, I knew I wanted to give back to the community in a way that benefits children. The Buddy Program was it! I became a big buddy to an Aspen Middle School student and have enjoyed every minute of this truly amazing program.

Both myself and little buddy are positively impacted each time we hang out. We influence one another for the better. We are constantly growing and learning more about ourselves and each other. My little buddy and I like to go to the movies, eat out, play golf, drink hot chocolate, and participate in the events hosted by the Buddy Program. It is an incredibly remarkable experience. I feel lucky to call myself a big buddy.

Kendall Taylor