Kudos & Kindness (Feb. 28, 2021)

Beyond gateful for Pathfinders

Thank you, Pathfinders.

I was diagnosed with a very rare sinus tumor in January of last year. My world changed in a heartbeat. I was sent to UCHealth in Denver because they had seen a few of these tumors before. Several months of pre-surgery chemo, surgery, and 30 rounds of radiation would be needed. During this process I discovered I was not alone.

Pathfinders, led by Allison Daily and her team of angels, were there for me every step of the way. I had no idea this organization even existed before I was ill.

Without the help of Pathfinders, I don’t know how I’d be here today. Allison was always available to meet with me and talk whenever I messaged her. Pathfinders brought me meals during my entire battle when I was just too sick to function. They helped me through my fears, sickness and recovery. I can’t come up with the words to thank pathfinders enough. I

I’m blessed that this valley has this organization. Sometimes we don’t know help like this exists until we actually need it.

Thank you, Allison Daily, and all the pathfinders helpers that were a part of saving my life!

Rick Ryan



Rising to the challenge

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Pitkin County, the doctors, firemen and volunteers that greeted me, guided me, observed me and made getting my vaccine shot this morning a very pleasant experience. If you believe the news (I do), administering the vaccination has been a challenging task all over the world.

Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth just became more beautiful. Here’s to health!

Maria Cook

CEO, Aspen Board of REALTORS®


Kindness begets kindness

I just read this in a garden book and it touched my heart, seems so relevant today.

Kind hearts are the gardens,

Kind thoughts are the roots,

Kind words are the flowers,

Kind deeds are the fruits,

Take care of your garden

And keep out the weeds,

Fill it with sunshine,

Kind words, and Kind deeds.

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Gail Owens